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portlights 15


Recent trends in boat design have aired towards creating hull-side windows so as to really open up the space below. The challenge remains to create ever larger windows yet which simultaneously accentuate the beauty and style of the yacht lines.

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flybridge 1


As leisure motorboats become ever more beautiful and sophisticated, with increasing demand top boat builders now offer upper deck flybridges as part of their portfolio. Acrylico's brand philosophy is to always work closely with designers as they develop their state of the art concepts. By incorporating novel yet highly complex shapes we are able to produce beautiful windshields, which follow the wonderful fluid lines and aerodynamics of modern vessels.

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portlight technical


Portlight windows are highly complex since they must follow the shape of the hull and be formed in such a manner they can be bonded to the landing of the hull. Bonding agents require minimum UV penetration, so usually a painted outer layer is also required, known as a frit.

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