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Nothing spells quality more in boat than polished acrylic hatches. More importantly, we ensure all our hatches are watertight and built to withstand the rigors of salinity, heavy seas and wash-downs.

    ≈  Acrylic hatches can be placed in the deck inserts and require no frame.

    ≈  Out seals are “T” slotted into the acrylic so they won’t move.
         Other types of seals seen within the industry, such as those which are bonded to plastics, over time have a way of moving, dislodging or coming unglued.

    ≈  The thickness of the hatches are robust enough to withstand traffic on the deck without any evidence of structural stress.

    ≈  There is a variety of latches and hinges to choose from, complying with the ABYC stipulations for exterior openings as required in emergency situations.

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